Bombshell How-To: Find Yourself When You’ve Lost Yourself

A lot’s happened since my last “a lot’s happened since” post. Not all of it felt fun.  That job I had and loved?  I stopped loving it.  I started resenting it.  Ultimately, I left it.  I flew into a tizzy about what I was worth at all if I couldn’t even be worth the work
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lil want monster


Oh, uh, hey guys.  You like how I kinda escaped and stopped writing, emailing, updating, and posting without any notice?  For like, 15 months? Stealthy, I know. I’ve been up to nothing more (or less) noteworthy than simply living my life.  I worked with a mother-arfing brilliant coach who helped whip my beliefs about money
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On There Being No Such Thing As Problems…

I wanna get a little personal with you guys.  Something I’ve been working on in my own personal development is the idea of “problems.”  For about two months, I’ve been experimenting with the notion that ‘problems’ don’t exist. It feels so much more peaceful and compassionate to enter a situation that might seem…sticky, without automatically
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Nobody’s “Shaming” Me, Dammit

If you’ve looked at a computer screen in the last couple years, you’ve noticed an increase in “shaming.”  Slut-shaming, body-shaming, woman-shaming, poverty-shaming, and yes, even (the albeit hilarious) dog-shaming.  I’ve read countless articles and instances of one person/people/institution “shaming” another person/people/institution.  I often agree that there are systems, practices, and institutions that could use some serious
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punish cherish

What Self-Care Isn’t, Pt 2: Punishment

Okay.  This one kills me. I work at – and work out at – a really nice women’s gym.  The whole reason I joined was for how body-positive and health-focused the place is.  And I love the women who work out there.  They’re lovely, health-focused people.  6 days a week. Thing is, I work a
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Bombshell How-To: be at peace with your mind

I know what you’re expecting out of this: sit cross-legged on your finest $243 Anthropologie tuft and let life flow through you like water.  Quiet the mind…free your head of all thoughts…let your mind be still… NOPE.  Actually, for someone learning to create peace in their own head, that concept of meditation can flat-out suck. “But Emily,
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Soul Fitness

For those I haven’t already bored with ceaseless updates about it (Hi, honey!  Hi, Mom!), I’m training for a half-marathon in October.  It is busting my butt in the best way, and I am learning a ton.  Like that I wish I didn’t love running to Kanye West so much because he’s a d-bag but oh my god
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own your poo

When self-awareness feels like pooping…

We all know that list – the short list of things that you need or you will die.  Food, water, breath.  Food, water, breath.  It’s been drilled into your brain.  Food, water, breath.  How many times have you heard someone espouse the benefits of breathing?  Or ask that you sink into gratitude for the nourishment your food
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indulgence post

What Self-Care Isn’t – Part 1: Pampering

First off, I have an email list now!  Like, a fancy one that makes lists and calls emails ‘campaigns’ and everything.  I’m using it to send bomb-ass shit every two weeks or so.  You should be on it. Moving right along…Massages, manis, bubble baths. Anything luxurious, really.  A perfectly crafted cappuccino, long window-shopping (or actual-shopping)
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Why “Affirmations” are Bullshit

Talk to me for more than 8 seconds.  You’ll see that I can get pretty woo-woo pretty fast.  Yes please, let’s discuss thought work, The Work, body scanning, compassing, whatever else you got.  I want to hear the great convo you had with your spiritual guides, Richard IV and Jessica Rabbitt.  You gained clarity communing
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