Why “Affirmations” are Bullshit

Talk to me for more than 8 seconds.  You’ll see that I can get pretty woo-woo pretty fast.  Yes please, let’s discuss thought work, The Work, body scanning, compassing, whatever else you got.  I want to hear the great convo you had with your spiritual guides, Richard IV and Jessica Rabbitt.  You gained clarity communing
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On Writing Your Own Stories

I love stories. Stories shape societies.  Stories make for works of art that move people to feel things and take action.  People win Oscars for stories. Stories are awesome. Except when they’re not.  One of the fastest ways for me to access peace is to remember that I get to write my own stories.  That life is a
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Grief Donuts

  There is no denying that people spring forth from grief/heartbreak/devastation in extraordinary ways.  Think of noble causes started in the wake of tragedies.  Of people steering heartbreak and loneliness in the direction of awareness and enlightenment.  Of businesses built, creations created, and discoveries discovered from rock bottom. People spring back.  Always have.  Always will.
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Pain Management

  You cannot hide from pain.  I can’t either.  We feel it.  You, me, billionaires, warlords, life coaches, fat people, skinny people, drug dealers, Oprah. We all feel pain. Those people who ‘are always happy?’  Who must just be better at avoiding pain because bad shit never seems to happens to them?  Yeah, that’s a myth, bad
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You have my permission to SUCK

  There are so many times that I’ve started something and sucked at the beginning.  Running, building a website, watching my finances, applying eye-liner (ow).  After so many beginnings of things – and so many eventual improvements – I came to the realization that it’s okay to really, truly suck.  Blew my effing mind. In
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On listening to your fears

People talk about fear a lot.  The key word here is about.  They discuss their fear as a goal, a thing to get over like it’s Mt. friggin’ Everest.  There’s talk of conquering fear, facing fear, even fearing fear itself (thanks, Frankie.).  Always always talking about the damn fear. This drives me bonkers. This drives
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