Wtf is coaching anyway?

We all tell stories.  Stories about our worth, our bodies, our romantic endeavors, our talents,  the work we do, the people in our lives. These stories dictate the thoughts we continue to think, the feelings we feel, the choices we make, the results we achieve, the lives we design for ourselves. Except maybe right now you don’t like your story.  Maybe your story sucks.  It might be just annoying enough to finally combat it, or it may have been crushing you for so long you’re afraid to go near it.  Either way, that voice in your head has you thinking it’s always gonna be what you don’t want, and never gonna be what you want.

Oh, honey. That voice is so wrong.

Private coaching is where we get you your power back from that crotchety old storyteller.  I’m here to go all private eye on your thoughts, to uncover the patterns you’re too close to see. To help replace your story with your truth, and then infuse that truth with power and peace and confidence and self-care and all sorts of mmm-hmmmm.  I will help you train your storyteller.  So she stops bitching about you (to you, behind your own back, but directly into your own ear) and starts loving you.  Starts cheer-leading for you.  Starts seeing you for all the kajillion brilliant things you’ve always wanted to see in yourself.

You. Me. Truth. Love.
Rampant Badassery.

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