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“Teach what you know,” they say.  I know feeling awesome.  I know how to access what feels bold and gorgeous when I’ve just been skillfully stripped to my skivvies, and when I’m waiting in line at the DMV.  I know how to access peace in a quiet bubble bath, and in line at the grocery store behind a screaming toddler.  I know how to love myself when I’m on top of my game, and when I’ve royally screwed the pooch.

I’m Emily Andrysick. I am a coach, a cut-to-the-truth magician, an interior decorator for your mind. And I am just the pinch on the butt you’ve been waiting for.

Who is this chick?” you may ask, “and who does she think she is telling me she can help me feel all goddamn glorious?

Gold star questions.

As a wee (and miserable) 18-year-old I was suddenly two-by-foured in the face with the ridiculous notion that pleasure is awesome.  That the kind of life I looked upon with envy wasn’t just something out there for other women to enjoy – it was there for me, too.  But only if I wanted to create it and only if I truly wanted to live it.

I spent my adolescence in rigorous research, studying what made me tick.  What made me joyful, miserable, peaceful, frantic, whole, empty. How one could learn happy.  Learn destitution.  Learn disdain, or exhaustion, or the giddy rush of waking up in love with life just for the fuck of it.

It was awesome.  And I had to learn how to teach it to others.

I earned myself a BA in Drama, moved to the West Coast, enrolled in Brooke Castillo’s Life Coach School, and obtained my coaching certification in March of 2012.   I learned how to dig deep into your thoughts and beliefs and help you unleash the bodaciousness within.  I grew a bloodhound-esque nose for sniffing out crotchety, crusty, totally displeasurable old thoughts.  The ones keeping you from feeling super-uber sexy, capable, talented, inspired, bold, powerful, inspired, peaceful…essentially like you got this shit on lock.  With my clients, I examine painful thought patterns and help to bust ‘em the heck up, and replace them with ones tailor made to better serve you.

I’ve since gone on to study and practice with a legendary group of ladies learning under the brillzy tutelage of Meadow DeVor.  Hell, you can even read some of my words in a book we all wrote together!  I continue to feed my obsession with teaching the world feel-goodery, one incredibly foxy-feeling chica at a time, by reading everything I can get my claws on, studying in the company of other brilliant coaches, and continuously sharpening and honing my coaching skills.  I love coaching.  I love people.  And I love coaching people.

Reader’s Digest version: I learned at a young age how to be a blissfully happy, dangerously empowered, pleasure-drenched, inspired and inspiring whipper snapper of a woman just by living my life.  And if you haven’t gotten some of that for yourself yet, then dangit I’m here to help.

Want more ? I’ll give ya more.


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3 thoughts on “Yours Truly

  1. Me
    Your website is fabulous. You rock,Rowdie.
    Réné Rowdie

  2. Hilary says:

    I have no idea when your website got so awesome, but your website is SO AWESOME!
    Your one and only sister

  3. BombshellCoaching says:

    Many thanks, fellow Rowdy and wonderful sister mine

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