Work with me

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Private Coaching

“The Butt Pinch”
1 hour plus e-coaching – $65

Need a little pick-me-up?  Give me one hour on the phone and I’ll give you tailor-made strategies to start feeling your most bodacious from the second you hang up – hell – even before.  Great for de-funkifying your funk.


“The Stella”
3 weekly 1-hour sessions, plus e-coaching – $185

Let’s get you your groove back.  If you’re ready to investigate the core of what’s got you feeling less-than, three sessions give us the time and space together to really hop to it.


The “I’ll Have What She’s Having”
6 weekly 1-hour sessions, plus e-coaching – $355

6 regular sessions let us get in, dig around in the dirt, and make sure you’re geared up (and friggin’ PUMPED) to start creating that life you lust for.  Together, we’ll clean up your thoughts, shatter your limiting beliefs, and develop tools so you can put your outlook into practice.


The “Perfect Ten” 
10 straight days of focused e-coaching, 2 1-hour sessions, 10-minute daily phone check-ins – $700

Deep, focused work, not for the faint-of-badassery.  We start with a 1-hour phone coaching session to lay it all out.  Then, for the next 10 days, you get my focused e-coaching, plus a daily 10 minute pow-wow by phone.  We wrap it up with another 1-hour phone session to make sure the work sticks.  Absolutely perfect if you’re looking to make a daily practice out of self-love, self-confidence, creating your best life, or a combo of all three (hint: it’ll be a combo of all three).